Sunday, September 30, 2012

Foster/Adoptive Parent Association Picnic

I am really excited because today, in just a couple of hours, is the FAPA picnic. The foster mom from our class invited all of us. It's a chance to talk to other people who have gone through this process before us, and to learn, and to actually meet some kids who are up for adoption. My friend is coming with me, who has just started her journey. Greg has to work, so he can't make it. It stinks because he almost never works weekends, but THIS particular weekend, he does have to work. Boo!

We have been working on our family book. My parents wanted to write a little message in it, welcoming any kids who read it, which is really sweet. I have to find more pictures of me. I like to take pictures, but I am not a fan of being in them. I am going to have to get over that! I also have to include a values statement and a mission statement. That is the hardest part thus far. A few sentences to summarize what we want for our kids. That is a pretty lean breakdown to say the least!

We also need to finish our birthparent letter. It's pretty hard. There are a lot of mixed emotions, and you don't want your joy to interfere with their pain. Lot's to think about.

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