Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No ovulation yet, and Pre-Seed

So I did an OPK at 6:10pm, because for the first time in two weeks I didn't have to pee nine billion times. It was negative...boo. I am starting to get nervous about that...I know I shouldn't be. I technically shouldn't ovulate for 3 more days if I have a "perfect" (28 day) cycle.

SO...any girls ttc know about Pre-Seed, or will soon. Since you have to have sex so frequently, lube can really ease the process. Here is my personal, and incredibly embarrassing to share, experience;

Yesterday was day three of "Sex Every Other Day" week. So...ya know. Anyways, we were getting handsy and things are getting hot and heavy, and I remembered that I need to use the Pre-Seed. Of course I have it conveniently placed on my nightstand....sans instructions. If you haven't used this product yet, you get a tube of gel, and plungers that have measurements on the side. It seems I threw out the instructions with the box like an idiot.

So...butt naked, I get out of bed and tell my husband that I now need to use google....butt naked. This isn't the worst part.

The instructions I found online say to fill the plunger as needed, insert, plunge, and then....WAIT TEN TO FIFTEEN MINUTES. It's so the lube reaches your cervix and stuff. Yeah...remember how I left my husband in bed? He was NOT excited to wait ten to fifteen minutes while things get "situated".

Anyways...like a half an episode of Psych later, things were back in action, but just so you know...you have to use the Pre-Seed 10-15 minutes in advance.

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