Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Evilest Bike Ride

DH and I bought used bikes from friends of ours about a month ago, that have sat in front of our house for that long. I was presented with the opportunity to ride to work this morning, so I decided it would be a good idea, especially because I have not done any exercise this week.

I get outside and realize BOTH of my bike tires are flat. I try to inflate, and find there is a hole in them, so I use his bike instead, after having to change only one tube.

I start riding, and realize just how terribly out of shape I am. I barely got down the block before I was horrendously out of breath! I rode through it though, despite my burning quadriceps. I finally get a second wind, then realize I am lost. I find my way (thanks google maps) and then , realize that it is getting difficult to ride again. When I look down, the bike tire that I just changed the tube on is FLAT! I pull into a park right up the street (thank goodness) and call a friend to come get me.

Despite the tragic end, my bike ride burned about 200 calories, and I got in a good 20 minutes of exercise, so I am not too upset. DH went by the park and picked my bike up when he got out, and he is replacing my faulty tube. I think that this may have squashed my excitement of bike riding however. Back to Zumba full time!

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