Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Provera Round Two

So far the side effects this time around seem to be a little less intense. I am definitely moody, and really sleepy. No headaches so far.

I keep forgetting to take the glucophage (metformin) with my meal, so I have to take it like 20 minutes later. I can't tell if I am having any side effects from that, although I am pretty gassy and really thirsty.

I am typing from my phone because we haven't had the time to get internet in our new house, so I am keeping it short and sweet!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Adios cycle one!

So Thursday was CD21, and I diligently had my blood work done. I was waiting for a call from my doctor, but it didn't come the same day, so I was definitely hoping it would today, before the long weekend.

Instead, I got a call from my pharmacy telling me that my prescriptions were ready for pickup. I asked her what they were, and she said clomid, provera, and metformin. Now, I know it's a long weekend, and maybe that's all I should attribute it to, but I am more than a little peeved that the nurse wouldn't call and discuss my results really quickly with me, and maybe let me know that they wanted to try me on metformin. I have discussed the drug metformin before, and I talked about it with the doctor, but he seemed to think it wasn't necessary, so I would love to know why he thought it was now. Also, I didn't get a chance to ask about my weirdo LH tests.

So, I called the office and left a message. Hopefully, they will call back in the next couple hours so I have some answers.

Also, I think I was wrong when I said that both appointments cost me $175. They cost me $175 each I think. I will check and get back to you *mental note to change the info in previous blog posts when I verify this*.

Right now, DH and I are getting a little concerned about money, because we are signing on our house, which was a planned expense, and my 1st car payment on my new car, which was an UNPLANNED expense, is coming up. We knew we were going to get another car because his is on its way out. However, we planned on having about 6 months of no car payments and cheaper insurance to save for a downpayment. Instead, my car was in accident and is no more. We got some money for it, but not enough to compensate for having to get another car at the slowest part of the year for me. And his car is still old enough to vote. Anyways, the point is money is tight, and I know babies are expensive, but I didn't know MAKING a baby was going to be expensive.

We are moving in to our new house this week. And I will possibly be on Provera. Pray for my husband.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

And now for a short break...

Obviously I have had a rough couple of days. I still haven't ovulated according to the OPK's.

I have decided to give myself a break from blogging and TTC stuff for a couple of days. I will still be actively trying to get pregnant, but I will be thinking about it less. I am starting to obsess and worry too much, and that isn't helpful. I need a breather.

I will update either when I get a positive OPT or have to take the progesterone test and get the results from that.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feeling sorry for myself...


and further more...

Are the OPK's mocking me?!?! Does it seem like the line in the first window is LIGHTER than the surrounding area? I swear it got lighter...I have anti-LH.

Obviously testing has got me a little cray cray...

I think the worst part of all of this is waiting. I am the kind of person who sees a problem or a task and tackles it head on. I like to find and act out the steps, and solve the problem. With TTC(ing?), You get to a step, have to wait, get to the next step, have to wait, etc... I don't mind roadblocks. I am good at changing course, or finding a new solution. I don't like that I can't plan out my steps. I may need to take up meditaion or yoga to help me deal with my lack of patience.

No ovulation yet, and Pre-Seed

So I did an OPK at 6:10pm, because for the first time in two weeks I didn't have to pee nine billion times. It was I am starting to get nervous about that...I know I shouldn't be. I technically shouldn't ovulate for 3 more days if I have a "perfect" (28 day) cycle.

SO...any girls ttc know about Pre-Seed, or will soon. Since you have to have sex so frequently, lube can really ease the process. Here is my personal, and incredibly embarrassing to share, experience;

Yesterday was day three of "Sex Every Other Day" week. So...ya know. Anyways, we were getting handsy and things are getting hot and heavy, and I remembered that I need to use the Pre-Seed. Of course I have it conveniently placed on my nightstand....sans instructions. If you haven't used this product yet, you get a tube of gel, and plungers that have measurements on the side. It seems I threw out the instructions with the box like an idiot.

So...butt naked, I get out of bed and tell my husband that I now need to use google....butt naked. This isn't the worst part.

The instructions I found online say to fill the plunger as needed, insert, plunge, and then....WAIT TEN TO FIFTEEN MINUTES. It's so the lube reaches your cervix and stuff. Yeah...remember how I left my husband in bed? He was NOT excited to wait ten to fifteen minutes while things get "situated". a half an episode of Psych later, things were back in action, but just so you have to use the Pre-Seed 10-15 minutes in advance.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Test Time!

So the period is officially over, as of Friday. Today is CD 12, and so yesterday I started LH testing. I actually started 3 days ago, just to be safe.

According to (which is a fantastic site for info on OPK and HPT's), LH is synthesized early in the morning, so I can't use first morning urine.

So, I ate a good breakfast, drank some water, andwaited to test. According to the site, the best time to test is between 2 and 4 pm. I am nervous about missing the LH surge, so I will probably test twice a day, around 2pm and again, if I don't get a positive, in the evening before bed.

This is crunch time! I am nervous that I won't ovulate. It's stupid, because I know that Clomid doesn't always work the first time, and even if it DOES, I know that I still may not get pregnant the first time.

So I took the test at like 11:30, because I have no patience. It was negative. Took it again at 2:40 PM, and it's still negative. So yesterday wasn't the day. My doctor said to have sex every other day, so we did have sex yesterday, just in case. I will post my LH results for today later.

*Some info: Keep in mind that I am giving my info exclusively. You may not have the same experiences.*

-Clomid costs $11.99 a pill without my insurance, I paid $4.00 for the bottle (10 pills)
-With insurance, my 2 doctors visits cost $175.00, without it, the bill was $674.00 (includes two pelvic exams, endometrial scrape, etc.)
-With insurance, my bloodwork was $265.45, without it, the bill was $6,066.00

Friday, May 11, 2012


So, I did something kind of stupid just now; I wanted to do an LH test today. My period ended yesterday, but I figured it couldnt hurt. I didn't do with FMU, because I have read that it will give you an inaccurate reading, so I waited allll day till like 5 mibutes ago to pee again, and then when I got in the bathroom (LH test in hand), I peed without peeing ON it.

Because I am that kind of special.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Clomiphene Day One

Ok, so today was a pretty good day. 

DH and I went shopping for our new house that we will be moving into in like 2 weeks, and didn't fight. Then we cleaned and I took a nap (cramps are really bad) and then some people came over, so it was a really good day. 

So far, no severe side effects to the Clomiphene.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Clomiphene begins tomorrow

Hubby and I made up. He understands that I am not normally a crazy person, and also acknowledged that he has dropped the ball a little lately. All is well :-D

So the bottle of Clomid says take twice a day, at the same times each day.

I am trying to figure out the best times to do it. I really don't want to get up early, and I don't want to have to stay up too late either. So maybe I will just keep it in my purse so I always have it with me.

Here is some Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid) info:

I start on Sunday (CD3), and take it for 5 days. CD11 I start LH testing, and when I am ovulating, hubby and I are supposed to have intercourse (the fun part) at least every other day, and hopefully we will be preggo in the next couple weeks.

I bought Preseed, just in case, because it's hard to have sex on demand! Especially with our wacky schedules.
I am excited and scared all at the same time. I can't believe how close we are to being pregnant! I know I may have to go through the cycle more than once, but I feel like it's finally within reach. I can't tell you how scary and out of reach it has felt until this point (although any of you who are going through this know).

Also, I know that once I am pregnant, I am going to be worried about miscarrying. And I am going to worry about worrying too much and that causing miscarriages. Maybe some yoga or meditation classes are a good idea. I don't know how I will get through 3 months of worry in that first trimester without some help!

DH and I are starting a walking plan, just to encourage a healthy pregnancy. Nothing huge, just an hour a night. Our pooches will love the extra sniffing time!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spotting and the BIGGEST fight


I have continuously posted about how awful and moody Provera has made me. And the moodiness didn't really go away once I stopped taking it. I still was/am cranky and snapping at my DH a LOT.

Yesterday, however, things came to a head.

DH forgot to do something. It wasn't a huge thing. It was a slightly important thing. I basically questioned our entire marriage based on that one thing. To be fair to myself, I think it's more of a build-up of forgotten things lately, but he is stressed, and I am not making it easier with my Jekyll and Hyde impersonations. The point is, I basically told him I didn't know if we should be married, and that I think he doesn't care about me. Then I just screamed into the phone, hung it up and threw it on the floor.

God I am a terrible person.

In all honesty, I am married to the sweetest guy. I love him so much and I know he loves me. I am sooooo glad I married him, like, every day.

In better news I had some really light spotting this morning, so I called the doctors office to see what to do next. I don't know if it's enough to count as CD1, but maybe later today it will be more.

PS: When I do talk to my doctor, I will ask him what to do if you don't get your period after day ten of Provera, just because I never saw an answer online.

UPDATE: I have gone from minor spotting to full on period. I start Clomid on Sunday. More later.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Still nothing...

Well it is day seven after having finished the Provera. No period, but my boobs hurt, and I am still kind of cranky. What gives? After doing a little internet reading (never a good idea), I am wondering if I don't get a period in the next three days, I should request to try prometrium instead? Why wouldn't you get a period after taking it? I couldn't find any explanation as to why, except that I might be pregnant. I highly doubt that's the reason it isn't working. Do I just try it again? What happens? I sincerely hope I get my period in the next 3 days, or I am going to freak out!