Friday, January 28, 2011

What's the deal?

So, DH and I have been working waaaaay too much, and it's affecting us. Not our relationship, but the things we are trying to accomplish. We have more money, so bills are actually ahead for once, which is nice, but when you are trying to make a baby, it's kind of hard when you only see eachother for like 20 minutes a day besides when you are sleeping, and that 20 minutes is the car ride home. It also makes it difficult to get lab work done if you don't have a day off till next month. It isn't always like this, it's the culmination of trying to get ourselves into a position to buy our own place, me changing my career path and going back to school, and DH getting a promotion. Things should start to calm down in February (dear God I hope so).

I have been exercising like a mad woman trying to lose weight. I weigh around 250 now, which is not my highest, but its still not good. I want to lose 110lbs total, but I want to lose 10lbs every 1.5 months or so. However, our current living situation, plus the stress from work is making me eat! I crave carbs like I am running a 10k every 5 minutes.

I am trying all sorts of things to cut back on the eating at work, including prepacking snacks (which I ignore and then walk down the block to get crappy food there), bringing a ton of water (I drink most of it, and then like 4 sodas), and not taking lunches (so that I am so hungry by the time I am home that I literally eat everything in sight). So far, no such luck.

I also have read a bunch of info on BPA in our bodies, and how many studies have shown that BPA is linked to hormone disorders, so I am slowly cutting that out, just to be safe. It is pretty hard though, since its in everything. I am buying a glass water bottle on my break, and a porcelain coffee cup since those are my biggest sources of BPA right now, and I have also gotten rid of all canned foods in my house, since cans apparently are lined with bpa ridden plastic on the inside. It sounds extreme, but I figure I need to give myself the best chance I can at treating my PCOS.

I also heard about a disorder called Compound (Heterozygous or Homozygous) MTHFR which causes a lot of issues with implantation. The more I read about it, the more I think its the reason my mother and my grandmother both had a lot of miscarriages. I don't think my doctor asked for me to be tested for it, so I am going to call her Monday to see if she can do that.


  1. Do you have any links to the reading you did on BPA? Thanks!

  2. I will list them in my Interesting Articles in the next couple days!